Young Adult Cancer Book Club

Looking to read a good book (cancer or not cancer related) and connect with other young adult cancer survivors and caregivers at the same time?  At the Lacuna Loft Young Adult Cancer Book Club, together we choose a book.  Lacuna Loft sends books (sometimes the books are even autographed by the author!) to survivors and caregivers who request them (free of charge to the young adult).  Each week, a new chapter is discussed on the Young Adult Voices portion of the site and at the end of the book, we host a book club discussion via video hangout.


Round 5:  VOTE for the next read!  

Yep, it’s that time again!  You can now vote for the next young adult cancer book club read!  Voting closes Aug 1!  Choose what you want to read next!!!

Round 1: Planet Cancer

Round 2: Everything Changes

Round 3: Rising Strong

Round 4: I'm Just A Person