Walk, Run, Swim, Be Awesome While Supporting Lacuna Loft!


Welcome to Pledge Drive week!  At Lacuna Loft, we provide all of our programs free of charge to young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.  This week, we’re launching a week-long, brand new initiative to provide you with tools to lend support to Lacuna Loft if you’d like!  All week long, we’ll delve into Lacuna Loft’s needs and let you know how you can help!  Day Three!

Want to make a difference in the young adult cancer community and get busy moving at the same time?  Now you can easily fundraise for Lacuna Loft using a customized page!  Sign up for a race or keep busy moving and grooving while raising money for young adult cancer survivors at the same time!  We’ll help set you up with a personalized fundraising page (similar to the one below), provide you with tips and tricks to raise funds, and if you raise more than $500 we’ll send you an exclusive Lacuna Loft tech-tee!

Fill out the form below to sign up!

How can you help?

Get busy moving and grooving and fundraise for Lacuna Loft at the same time!

With you on our team, we can continue offering programs free of charge to young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers!

What to do next?  Stay tuned for more happening this week.  You’ll hear some powerful stories from our community as well as some exciting announcements!  Pledge Drive week has a lot left in store for you!