Take A Break With A Good Book


We have started a new series here on Lacuna Loft called Take A Break!  Once a week or so we’ll post a different Take A Break article with a new twist.  This week, enjoy some tips on how to...

Take A Break With A Good Book…

  • Pick out the perfect book.
  • Picking out the perfect book is hard to do sometimes.  Do you re-read a classic or try something new?  Sometimes I use this site, which literally helps you decide what to read next.

  • Get comfy.
  • I love to read in a great chair or in bed.  Having a bit of a flat surface to keep your book on while propped up with pillows behind you can make all the difference.  I love using a lap board desk just for this purpose.  I also enjoy getting under the covers.  A blanket similar to this one is nicknamed the wookie in my house and is loved by humans and dogs alike. 🙂

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Reading all day can be taxing work! 😉  I like to keep a bottle of water always on hand.  My current bottle, always by my side, is this purple one.  I am also a huge fan of sparkling juices.

  • Enjoy!
  • You’re ready to enjoy your book break!

P.S.  Take a break with a good movie.

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