Sponsorships with Lacuna Loft

Lifestyle support for young adult cancer + chronic illness

patients, survivors, & caregivers

Lacuna Loft is a growing community of resources and voices for young adults dealing with cancer or long term illness, as patients or as caregivers.  We are a nonprofit, committed to offering young adults in crisis the resources they need for all of those in between moments…for the days in between chemo as well as the hours spent at treatments, for the conversations with a spouse, partner, or friend about infertility, caregiving needs and responsibilities, and new challenges.

Learning to thrive with a new, slower day-to-day isn’t easy and Lacuna Loft is here to help.

Are you interested in helping out our social cause by forming a partnership, co-developing a program, or just chatting about how Lacuna Loft might work well with your organization?

To request a media kit or to start chatting about a partnership, email info@lacunaloft.org