End To Summer Goals, Setting Fall Goals


Summer is almost gone and the fall is quickly approaching!  Setting goals, whether you are dealing with a long term illness, caregiving for a loved one, or dealing with cancer is a healthy way to evaluate the small things you can do to improve your day-to-day life.  Did you all set some summer goals?  Have you revisited them and decided to set fall goals too?

When I first talked about my goals for the summer, I had lofty expectations of all of the small changes that I would make to my life that would help to create a grander vision of who I am and who I want to be.  Now that summer has come and almost gone, it is time to look at those goals, decide how well they were accomplished, and to readjust for the coming new season.

Mallory’s Goals for the Summer were…

  • take more real pictures.
  • UPDATE:  I did this just a little, bitty, bit 🙂  Does that count?  On vacation I spent a single day using my real camera instead of my phone to take pictures.  I think I would like to revisit it in the fall.
  • bake yummy things.
  • UPDATE:  I definitely made a few new things for dinner (homemade rosemary, macaroni and cheese…yum!) and a handful of fun new ice creams/sorbets.  (I talked about one of those recipes for mango sorbet here).  I even experimented with individual peanut butter brownies.  Macaroons will have to be moved to a fall goal though!
  • continue growing Lacuna Loft.
  • UPDATE:  Check!  This is an on going process which I took steps at each day of the summer 🙂  On to the fall for even bigger and better things for Lacuna Loft!
  • eat more vegetables.
  • UPDATE:  I actually became a vegetarian this summer so I think this goal went pretty well 🙂
  • take a dog walk everyday.
  • UPDATE:  Yea…definitely didn’t do this one 🙁  Brett ran the pups a few times a week and I started swimming and lifting a lot more regularly but I never seemed to figure out how to put a dog walk into my every day routine.  In the past 10 days though, I am 8 for 10!  A dog walk almost each day!
  • explore meditation.
  • UPDATE:  Nope…I still really want to do this though.
  • have fun.
  • UPDATE:  Check!  I traveled with my family and with my in-laws this summer and generally tried to practice what we talk about on Lacuna Loft…self-care, self-care, self-care, and have fun!  🙂

Ok!  Time for setting fall goals!

Mallory’s Fall Goals!:

  • take more real pictures.
  • Yep…I want to do this on a weekly basis.
  • bake yummy things.
  • I specifically want to make some macaroons!
  • continue growing Lacuna Loft.
  • This will continue to be a goal of mine.  I have some great ideas for new things to add to the site in the coming months.  Lacuna Loft will be at the Critical Mass Conference in November.  If you’re going, let us know!!!  I’m really excited to meet some great people and talk a bunch about Lacuna Loft.  🙂
  • eat lots of different vegetables.
  • So this may seem a lot like the goal of eating more vegetables that I set for the summer but hear me out.  I have a set of go-to vegetables that I love and am comfortable cooking (and eating).  I’d really like to start cooking more and more with vegetables and diversifying my meals a bit.
  • take a dog walk everyday.
  • Taking a walk or run with my 2 pups is a big part of my self-care.  Being out and about in the world, with my 2 favorite mutts, brings me out of myself a bit and helps me to stay calm and centered.  Bring on the fall weather!
  • explore meditation.
  • Yes…I still really really want to try meditation.  Hopefully we will have some posts about it here in the near future.
  • start training for a race.
  • For the past few years I’ve been running the Chicago Marathon for the American Brain Tumor Association.  This year though, I am in a wedding the night before the race so I won’t be able to participate in the run.  Time to find a new sporting event to train for!
  • go camping.
  • I love to be outside.  I love hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, you name it.  I’ve done a couple of long distance treks in my day but I have never gone camping with my husband!  (and he has never gone camping, ever!)  For our wedding, we received most of the needed camping/backpacking gear that I didn’t already own and we still haven’t used it.  This fall is the time!  We’re going to do a practice run in the backyard and then hit a state park for a weekend!  The pups love walking in the woods so I think they’ll enjoy it too!

When do you decide to set goals?  Do you set them for a season or for a year?  Setting fall goals is a great way to focus in on a shorter amount of time than new year’s resolutions.  I also find fall goals to help ease the transition from the great summer weather into the cooler fall 🙂