“Choose Joy” By Carol Anne

“Choose Joy” By Carol Anne

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I am a 46-year-old with pink hair and I don’t care! It would be nice if that were true. I do care. I am 46, and I do have pink hair by way of a wig. (I am permanently bald) I am a functionally blind, widowed, two-time cancer survivor. Nine years later I’m still here and that’s not nothin’!   I adopted the motto, “Choose Joy” in the months after the loss of my sight and the death of my husband. I choose joy by creating art and writing with Lacuna Loft. I also choose joy by bringing friends and family together for events such as nights out together at restaurants, Halloween events that include both a flashlight walk through a cemetery and a haunted cruise. We even went axe throwing, where they even let the blind chick throw an axe. #choosejoy

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