Pledge Drive: Join The Flight Crew!

Welcome to Lacuna Loft’s Pledge Drive central!  At Lacuna Loft, we provide all of our programs free of charge to young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.  While we don’t talk about it very often, these programs and the wonderful people working behind the scenes all come with a financial need.  With the Pledge Drive, we’re launching a brand new initiative to provide you with tools to lend support to Lacuna Loft if you’d like!  In each of the Pledge Drive pages, we’ll delve into Lacuna Loft’s needs and let you know how you can help!

Now we’re talking about Lacuna Loft’s Flight Crew.  The Lacuna Loft Flight Crew is comprised of the wonderful donors who keep Lacuna Loft’s programs running strong.  Just in case becoming a member of the Flight Crew is something you’re interested in, we didn’t want to finish out our Pledge Drive week without letting you in on how to join!  By donating to Lacuna Loft, you join an exclusive group of motivated people who directly impact young adults facing cancer.  We’ll provide you with special updates from me, our founder, and keep you apprised of any important announcements.  Donate a certain amount each month, and we’ll send you exclusive, Lacuna Loft swag!  You can learn more about all of this and donate here.

We know that donating isn’t always an option for young adults facing cancer and that’s why this Pledge Drive was so important.  There are other ways to become supportive of Lacuna Loft’s programs, joining our team so we can continue offering programs free of charge.  No matter how you join in, every member of the Lacuna Loft family is vitally important to our mission and we are very grateful that you’re here.

A lot has happened this first, Pledge Drive.  Thank you for coming along for the ride with us.

With you on our team, we can continue offering programs free of charge to young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers!  Thank you!