Young Adult Cancer Game Night

Join us for a fun, online evening of games!

Do you like games?  Are you a young adult cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver?

Join us for a Young Adult Cancer Game Night!  We’ll be starting off this program by playing various games offered by Jackbox.  You won’t need any specific equipment (except for a computer/tablet and a smartphone) nor will you need to purchase anything.  Our Game Night volunteer will run the game and explain how everything works!

How does it work?  Sign up below.  When a Game Night is announced we’ll send you an email.  Then, each Game Night will take place over 90 minutes and occurs via video chat, allowing a bunch of patients, survivors, and caregivers to join wherever they are.

What do I need?  You’ll need an internet or data connection, headphones with a microphone, a webcam (either an external one or the one built into your phone, tablet, or computer!), and your smartphone.  Easy peasy!  (This program is a little different in that you’ll need both a computer/tablet (where you’ll want to use your webcam) and a smartphone).

Sign up below to be notified when the next Game Night is announced!

(Lacuna Loft considers anyone diagnosed with cancer, at any stage of the experience, to be a survivor!)

Upcoming Game Nights:

  • Sunday, August 11th, 4-5 pm PT / 6-7 pm CT / 7-8 pm ET