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What Is Lacuna Loft?

We’re not a website.  We’re not a program.  We’re not a project.

Lacuna Loft is a nonprofit organization providing online support programs to young adult cancer survivors and caregivers.  The only organization bringing digital health and survivorship care together specifically for AYAs, Lacuna Loft offers diverse online programs regardless of diagnosis and regardless of where they live.  Lacuna Loft is changing the way that age-appropriate support is provided to young adults facing cancer.  Survival is insufficient and we are here to make sure that survivorship support is available, accessible, and specifically designed for young adults facing cancer.


Our Mission

Lacuna Loft is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that encourages, empowers, and connects young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers around the world, 24/7. Lacuna Loft provides online wellness support programs and resources, lifestyle encouragement, and a peer support community that young adults need to overcome their challenging health and life circumstances, and thrive.

Lacuna Loft is the leader in online wellness support programs and resources for young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, enabling them to have the age-appropriate support they deserve through a medium that fits their lifestyle.  We’ve brought survivorship support online, expanding digital health like never before.

Want to help?  Questions?  Comments?  Email us at info@lacunaloft.org

Unique Challenges for Young Adults + How Lacuna Loft Helps

In the cancer world, young adults are those people aged 18-39.  This group experiences a variety of different challenges compared to other age groups…young adults are just establishing careers and families, they are just becoming independent, and they are among a peer group who most likely hasn’t experienced anything like what they are going through.  At Lacuna Loft we provide 20/30 somethings with cancer and their caregivers, the tools they need to adapt their once bustling lifestyle to fit their new challenges.

At Lacuna Loft, we provide support and resources to young adults dealing with cancer as patients, survivors, or caregivers in the form of wellness resources, lifestyle encouragement, and peer support community.  Our programs are all online and designed to fit the needs of young adults.  When you’re feeling isolated and alone, head on over to our Young Adult Voices program where you can find stories and interviews from young adults, just like you, dealing with cancer.   When you need some help adjusting your lifestyle to your new normal, head on over to our Lifestyle Support program where you can find DIY activities for any time, style advice, cooking, exercise, and more.  When you’re feeling like expressing yourself through writing, head on over to our Unspoken Ink: Writing Group (meeting once a week via video chat) or our journaling opportunities.  Looking for DIY or cooking online workshops?  We have a bunch of those too!

Young Adult Cancer Resources…No Matter Where You Are.

Our Background

During graduate school, our founder Mallory experienced first hand what impact cancer and grief can have on a person’s life.  Lacuna Loft is here to serve as a place where the day-to-day of living through cancer can be simplified for young adults (ages 18-39).  Sometimes cancer strike at the worst times….like when you are finishing college and looking for jobs, when you have started a family, when you are launching a career, or when you are becoming independent and loving your new adult-hood.  Learning to slow down and figure out life with such a serious road block can be daunting.

What does Lacuna Loft mean?

Lacuna refers to a blank space or a missing part… a hiatus of sorts. Loft seemed like a cool place to hang out. Our founder, Mallory, wanted Lacuna Loft to be a safe place where one could come and recover while learning to thrive. Where someone would want to stay a bit, hang out, and learn to live vibrantly during their hiatus.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team!

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Interesting in writing for Lacuna Loft? Looking for something and can’t find it here? Get in touch: info@lacunaloft.org!

The Fine Print

Lacuna Loft is a 501(c)3, not for profit corporation in the State of California.  Please see our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy before proceeding.